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Looking In.... Reaching Out...Looking In.... Reaching Out... Looking In... Reaching Out...
We Are All Pilgrims....What Way? Whose Truth? Why Life?   JOHN 14:6
September 11, 18. and 24.- Come explore with us the most divisive scripture in the Gospels. 

We're All Pilgrams
Searching for the Way...

We are All Pilgrims
Searching for the Truth

We're All Pilgrams

Searching for Life....

We Officially Become a Reconciling Congregation 

Mason's Resurrection

Love is Love

All Means All

Church 101: Why Bother?
For this sermon series, Pastor Susan will be exploring with Mason, why anyone should bother going to church or even being part of church life.  We'll ask ourselves questions that we don't usually think about, like why do we bother giving up our one morning to sleep in and have a leisurly cup of coffee while scanning the news.  Why do we sing weird songs with words that we can't even define, nevermind folks who don't go to church.  Why does one person get to stand in front with a holier-than-thou robe and talk about some guy who lived 2,000 years ago? What's the point? Why do we bother being part of a church? Here we explore the point of it all.

What's a disciple?

What's the point of prayer?

What's worship about?

What's the point of sharing
our faith?

What's service supposed
to be about?

Is the Bible really necessary?