Sharing our space....

Mason UMC is a large building in the ceter of the Proctor District in Tacoma, Washington.  
It is a popular location for short-term and long-term rentals due to its unique and practial space available.  
.  Please call our church office for a price quote and the availability of the space your organization is interested in.

Our beatiful sanctuary holds 400 and is particularly popular for concerts and recitals due to the outstanding acoustics.  Our organ is a much coveted Aeolian-Skinner and is available for an additional charge for renters of this space.  This space is also exceptionally attractive for lectures and symposiums.  

Office Space

Looking for something more long -term?  Mason offers office space that is located in the center of the Proctor district.  We are most especially interested in sharing our space with other non-profit organization that share our vision promoting justice, equality and freedom for all persons.

Double Classroom.jpg
The Parlour
Parlor 2_edited.png

The Parlour can be arranged for lectures or fellowship.  The space will hold up to _____ people.  It is a particularly popluas space for 12-step groups.


A fully supplied nursery is available when your event wants to offer childcare.


conference room

Small Group Space

Youth groups, book groups, 12-step groups... We have space that can be utilized for intimate gatherings of groups up to twelve.

Youth Space 1_edited.png