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The Future of Mason

Where the heart of the sacred and secular beat as one.
         Masson’s Mission for the 21st Century

Through our awareness that the sacred and secular are one, we strive to emphasize our unity and honor our diversity. Although none of us are the same, we are still one. In that vein, we strive to build a unique community rooted in healthy relationships where we all serve and are served through Spirit-Centered living. Through our campus’ comprehensive approach to living whole and holy lives, Mason is focused on attending to our physical needs, emotional stability, cultural values, global concerns, and spiritual growth. 
Mason's Living Story
          For over 125 years, Mason United Methodist Church has been vital to the Proctor community in the North End of Tacoma. However, the Church of the past does not fulfill the needs of the 21st century.  We are facing a crisis and are called to remember our past, and stride boldly into our future. We may surprise ourselves and others because we seek not just the possible but the impossible.  Ours is a unique opportunity.  May we have the eyes to see.
Project Mason Team Leaders
Rev. Susan Boegli, Pat Roundy (chair), Dana Lede, Gaye Winsor, David Wilson, Jane Hallstom, Dr. Del Permann (lay leader)

Congregational Involvement
The project was kicked off by a sermon by Pastor Susan titled, "Do Or Die" (see video below.) The purpose was to emphasize the crises Mason United Methodist Church faces.  The fact that we operate "in the red" $7,000-9,000 per month.  If we continue as is, Mason UMC would have to sell and close in approximately 5 years.  But opportunities can be born out of crisis, which is why we have pursued a radical and impressive change to be church in the twenty-first century.

The following are ways the congregation has had opportunities to consult with the leaders so that they can implement those requests into the plan as best as possible:
*  The congregation has been offered opportunities to explore and discuss with any of the Project Leaders,
this possibility in all administrative meetings, small groups and individually.
*  The project chair, Pat Roundy offers a presentation at each monthly Administrative Council Meeting
(see videos below).
*   Storytelling - for the purpose of remembering, grieving and continuing the legacy of Mason,

the congregation was invited to tell their story of Mason through their eyes.

Updates on the Progress of the "Mason Project"

September 3, 2023
Project Mason Update
May 7, 2023-
Project Mason Update
August 6, 2023- 
Project Mason Update
January 17, 2023-
Sermon: "Do Or Die"
June, 4 2023-
Project Mason Update

Would you like to support this project?


To give by check please write "For Project Mason" in the memo line and make it out to "Mason United Methodist Church."  Then mail to: 

Mason United Methodist Church

2710 North Madison Street

Tacoma, Wa 98407


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You can give to "Project Mason" Mason with a debit card, credit card, or PayPal. If you would prefer, you can set your giving to recurring or one-time payments. 


Come to worship with us on Sunday's at 10:00.  At the time of the offering, put your cash offering in a giving envelope and write "Project Mason" to ensure your gift goes directly to this project. OR place a check in the plate with "project Mason" on the memo line.  Making an offering during this time in worship is a symbol of our very lives we offer to God.

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